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HuHub 2012 Humanitarian Software

Cavetronics R&D Energy Labs offers professional consultation & engineering services for all areas of sustainability, energy systems engineering, energy generation systems, energy-savings devices & concepts, power management, environmental management systems and more. We specialize in energy engineering research & development of electromagnetic generators, renewable energy designs, concepts, inventions and prototypes.  More details: Mission, Works, Projects, Contact

Cavetronics R&D Concept Labs presents

"HuHub 2012 Humanitarian Software"

"We HuHub!"  JOIN HuHub Team

World Involvement  Science & Technology  Sponsorship & Merit Programs  Higher Law  Research  Contact & Donate  Team

HuHub is the software of our future, compiled and revealed as a unifying humanitarian, scientific and technological concept, complete with the ingredients for growth, scalability and perpetual user integration. Ideas expressed within these examples are formulated to be a viable reality now.

HuHub is engineered for simple or large-scale implementation according to the technology resources available, which can include: emerging technologies for computers, efficiency methods, environmental sustainability models, Eco-homes, smart cars, gaming, augmented reality, neuroscience integration, security upgrades, quantum computing, space exploration, resource management methods, education, intelligence and software engineering.

Real-world, real-time, user integration examples for 2012:

Imagine your day starts on the computer visiting your favorite pre-programmed website HuHub. You log-in to your Nethood Dashboard for real-time statistics customized with your favorite topics to monitor news, business, advertising and local specials for your area called your Hub, which is a certain radius of miles determined by your location. Throughout HuHub, a radius button allows you to expand into the next larger radius, or your next step Hub. This opens into the next larger Hub, where you can watch various news broadcasts from popular networks on internet TV, while also browsing and viewing local-to-global statistics and user polls for city improvements, stocks and trading, energy prices, usage and distribution, current weather, forecast, and even your personal mood patterns and helpful tips for your day. You may query HuHub for optimized answers on everything, such as: "How can I ease my depression?", and HuHub may reply: "a city park needs to be built on the empty lot in your neighborhood, in this area, where high levels of depression have occurred."

HuHub is the ultimate computational humanitarian software showing life on Earth, 'Before and After HuHub' with comparisons in real-time statistics. A news ticker announces best world improvements via your outstanding HuHub user input that results in paid participation. You check your HuHub Merits for the day, which accrue through your various activities or sponsorship. Your great idea that you submitted to HuHub, in order to save fuel costs in shipping, has generated a profit that you may transfer into cash. Your achievement was made when HuHub approved that your energy-saving idea had merit with a high percentage of optimizing factors, as well as determined to be a viable wise method for the present situations, to create more efficiency and progress towards sustainability.

After helping to save the world again and making some money, you consult HuHub for breakfast. A menu displays results for your best diet and popular food choices. HuHub can determine your healthy foods, meal plans and cooking requirements, ranging from easy & quick to elaborate recipes and meals, based on your location, altitude, your resources, serving sizes, food availability, time, expense and current traffic conditions. Based on your input, HuHub gives specialized answers for daily living as well as reminders, like 'your son's birthday is today', and if asked, HuHub may even suggest a birthday present.

You decide to skip cooking and ask HuHub to find a restaurant nearby that has staff to sing for the celebration and serve strawberry pancakes, vanilla yogurt and orange smoothies. HuHub provides a list of real-time suggestions for everything including, location, cost, restaurant and menu availability, time and parking options and fees. So, you make reservations at the restaurant of your choice, and pre-order the birthday song and a meal for three, easily through HuHub.

Who Hu You

The flashing indicator on your Nethood Dashboard lets you know that someone in your Family Nethood just entered your Hub. Based on personal preferences and privacy settings, HuHub is able to react to online and real-world events. In this case, HuHub can let you know that your child or spouse is nearby. So, before your child arrives, you prepare by packing your hand-held device in order to keep up with the latest information as needed for your trip. Using a standardized navigation on your Nethood Dashboard, you can continue to be current everywhere you have cell phone or internet service to receive uninterrupted business, work, local advertising sales, personal and emergency communications, up-to-date alerts, maps and directions for your area for vacations and travel worldwide.

At arrival to the restaurant, your meals are ready to eat and available at your table, ahead of time. At some point, HuHub may ask you to rate and comment on this experience. You may provide instant feedback for improvements and suggest Merits for such sponsors that participate within HuHub Business Nethood, Sponsorship and Merit programs and business optimization plan.

Life, since using HuHub, has improved for you and everyone else, by bringing more and more efficiency into daily activities, enabling you to accomplish more tasks than ever before and spend more time with family and friends. Your cell phone captures the staff singing "Happy Birthday", and you immediately upload that video to your Family Video Nethood, which also has parental controls and privacy settings. HuHub Family Video Nethood offers video of all types of events, community events, user input worldwide news, and personal celebrations, which you can share with family and friends.

While dining, Huhub Emergency Management Global Response alert system activates, causing you and all other restaurant patrons to answer their cell phones. You notice that the sky seems darker hazy now and HuHub alert message reads: "Wildfires present danger in your area. Current wind speeds up to 60 miles per hour coming from the southwest. You are advised to seek safety. Follow HuHub for specific instructions for your Hub."

Following the instructions provided through HuHub, easy maps with walk or drive instructions now appears on your rotating screen with compass routes, alternate paths, user input and pertinent information, as you make your way through the crowd of customers, who are leaving the building for safety towards the nearest emergency shelter, which is just one block from the restaurant; and when you and your family arrive, you tell your spouse to wait for you there. HuHub maintains a list of emergency volunteers and their instructions for natural disasters such as this wildfire now arriving into your Hub. As a HuHub Approved volunteer and community fire fighter, you are given specific instructions for yourself, your supervisor and your team within your Hub.

With a tap of a button you contact HuHub to tell your team that you are en-route to your destination. You are to suit up in fire protective gear and join your team at the location selected by local emergency response organizations and HuHub's software where aid is most needed. HuHub's geocoding application records your location and employment records with simple 'punch-clock' buttons. Your labor today will be recorded, and you may be awarded HuHub Merits based on your participation. Quickly and efficiently, your team completes and logs the mission with HuHub and checks for the next assignment. You are told that wind directions have changed and your Hub is safe.

Joining your family again, it is time to go shopping, but first, you need fuel in the vehicle. HuHub delivers your wise choices determined by the current traffic patterns, emergency or other scheduled events, as well as the lowest prices and locations of stations near you. Though you are free to choose your own navigation, HuHub makes your travel easier, providing much of the information for you ahead of time as your wisest choices. Selecting your choice, HuHub also delivers a display of an easy navigation route by car, in order to speed your efficiency and time, as well as help manage traffic flow and around other impediments in your area. If your vehicle has 'heads-up' wind-shield display technology available, HuHub is handy and can plug-in for hands-free mode and added safety precautions.

Next on your agenda is shopping, your son gets out of the car and heads towards the mall, while your spouse makes sure to take the cell phone to find the best deals in these stores for toys and clothes. User input can be a great asset when shopping for hard-to-find items that are not listed otherwise in sales ads; and your wife is an avid thrifty and intelligent shopper who watches these comments often. Many of these stores are also HuHub sponsors that offer rebates to customers and earn Merits within HuHub's efficient system. This translates to lower prices for you as the consumer, giving you the opportunity to buy more products and services, as HuHub optimizes budgets and funds more efficiently. As a result of this lowering of prices, your family now has more money to spend on new technologies; and throughout the world, poverty classes have each been lifted incrementally as the people are able to acquire food, necessary items, transportation, homes and services.

In the mall, you stop by the camping store and HuHub delivers a menu of your best choices of gear and equipment based upon your vacation details that you provide, such as location, season, travel times, your health conditions, product details and user input, which information is combined with online business and advertising networks. So that you get the answers you need right away. You can even consult HuHub for the probability of accidents that may occur on your trip and how to avoid problems, such as: if traveling by plane, HuHub may advise your wisest days and times to fly.

While your family continues to shop, you view your physical health statistics to decide whether or not to take a rigorous or more relaxed vacation. Using user input and through Huhub Healthcare Doctor Approval system, you are provided vital information and advice about your health and activities. Privacy settings and internet security measures keep your personal information safe while allowing you to have access to your medical records and provide charts and statistics of your health. This gives you a better understanding of your health patterns and current condition, which, in turn, enables you to learn about your body's rhythm and make healthier decisions; and in an emergency situation, the standardized charts and medical information may be used by any hospital, doctor or emergency responder to provide vital life-saving tips about you, based on your user preferences and what information you allow to be visible to these types of healthcare providers, or other emergency personnel, at your discretion. Putting you, as the user, in control of the information flow about you, makes you feel more secure knowing that HuHub is built with the user in mind; and HuHub is based on Higher Law, so that participation is always voluntary and users have equitable rights as described through HuHub Constitution.

As a participant in HuHub, you agree that no written law may be enforced by the government, unless it conforms with certain unwritten, universal principles of fairness, morality, and justice. HuHub provides a platform for users to be justified through the collective scientific and constitutional computations, which are founded upon Universal Law. Through participating in user polls and user input, you have an equal vote and voice, through a standard format for you to make suggestions towards improvements that can possibly cause or enact changes in your local areas, cities, and the world. HuHub is your Constitutional right to such liberties, delivered to us all by our labors and pursuits for happiness and goodness in our lives on Earth.

For the user, HuHub should surpass other designs that do not perform with such high astringent humanitarian standards. As a Branch Software, HuHub incorporates a system of checks and balances, security, and compelling integration with users.

These examples show only a few features of the standardized platform called the Nethood Dashboard, and further into the world of HuHub even more compelling and surprising.  With each new user's first click, they start a unique journey through which they progress through intelligence, developing with the experience. HuHub is a social technical system, where the users tell us how they think; and the end product shall be generated by the last user's input, creating an evolving system.

World Involvement

HuHub 2012 Humanitarian Software

In its' embryo stage, HuHub presents a new paradigm for humanitarian progress towards science, computing and computers bringing Humanity the option to relate to and renew our world together with unprecedented user participation.

User Experience –
Exciting humanitarian computational software puts people in touch with the future of designing and shaping their world.

Utilizing 'Intelligent Living' software with user input, HuHub gives optimized choices for the world on employment, technology, agriculture, energy & global businesses with optimized distribution of resources. Users will be given the availability to determine the wisest choices for their financial savings in their daily living coupled with mood enhancement software on a customizable dashboard featuring real-time local-to-worldwide statistics with optimized choices & user polls. Conceptual Engineer Brian Prater said that "HuHub is designed to be the ultimate decision software based on real-time input variables."

HuHub is the world's knowledge pool of efficiency methods, “where you plug in your data and start getting optimal results,” said Prater. “The main goals are to integrate efficiency with user participation to ultimately help save as many lives as possible, to live efficiently and in abundance by participating in good merit, to deliver such a world.”

Through an engaging and uniquely-interactive website, real-time statistics dashboard focuses on all areas of human life-saving needs for emergency situations, resource management, energy management, optimized product distribution, environmental & weather information, and safety & crisis concerns, also including housing, food, employment and financial support. Computations made with highest percentages of sustainability factors–spanning all areas of world involvement–is optimized for maximum sustainable outcome, and then, provided to users as the wisest, most viable choices on all matters of energy-savings, environmental solutions, important places & maps of their area, best up-to-date traffic routes, daily health advice, and intelligent shopping for consumer products, local services & supplies; and all this is integrated with common social networks. It is the "People's Choice Website for All."

Users may earn HuHub Merits and income for their suggestions for more efficient communities & cities based on local resources, or HuHub engineering concepts. This is one of many examples how HuHub is designed to make a difference with this world-changing software. “Before & After” statistics encourage everyone about our bright future, as we watch worldwide changes from the dark ages into a time, where people will ponder how humanity ever survived without this technology.

"What a wonderful site to get paid and help improve the world!!!” This project will bring world relief and prosperity via a knowledge pool of optimization software data delivery service with the most efficient methods available and distribution through the internet. “We are limiting ourselves for not already using the most optimal computational methods, as well as not adopting such procedures,” said Prater.


SIGN HuHub Petition to Pres. Obama

This is a world challenge for everyone to POST YOUR PARTICIPATION on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. FOR BROADCAST.


Calling on Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas and related companies like Yahoo and Twitter:

This is an Open Invitation: to the worldwide web and companies with similar missions, to BECOME SPONSORS to help humanity and the world, through our combined efforts and technology, and to do our duty as citizens of Earth to progress towards sustainability.

Together, we make great changes by “Bringing our world online allowing us to make changes.”
Would you like to participate in HuHub?
Your Email:
Email HuHub
Are you interested in HuHub Team Participation?  See details below.


Science & Technology

By gathering information, user input, world feedback and real-time statistical data, HuHub core engine will become self-assimilating, intelligently programmed by users. User-integration for internet content, simulation software and implementation software are in the core engine of HuHub that supply the predictability of the most optimal procedures.

In its' stage of bloom, it will make this human era be compared to the Dark Ages seen with Before and After Huhub comparisons as we watch ourselves evolve. The intelligence will flourish towards sustainability by the process of integrating the world and all of its' aspects, while also adding new aspects by users and predicting software; and all of its' aspects go into Huhub systems for the optimal outcome while continually adding new aspects, of integrate-ability of all diverse fields for: humanity, food, shelter, predictability; maximizing decisions for the world towards a maximal outcome within as many real time scenarios allowing the best possible outcome. The best possible outcomes for all situations will be maximized in this system.

This computational theory may seem simple, as if it should have been here already. However, it took many years and much formalization from numerous aspects to derive a system that will work, which combines real world solutions for environmental crisis intervention, global network emergency response, resource management, communication tools, business & employment solutions, education and cognitive restructuring techniques with marketing & advertising.

It is based upon the Polymath way, which expands our collective expertise far-reaching on many subjects of different areas, like the branching software embedded in this system. We give this great concept to the world, in our Polymath way, in order to 'pay it forward,' to get the ball rolling towards a sustainable future of goodness. This is called "Alternative Giving," of which, Benjamin Franklin said, it is the act of "doing a good deed with little money."

“Run it through HuHub: Social Scientific Data on Demand” –
HuHub is a great concept driven towards intelligent computational decision, planning and distribution methods, so that it may: provide huge advances in scientific research; help optimize government spending; make alternative energy solutions and energy-savings products available to consumers; create financial incentives (prizes, awards and special ad placement) for local businesses that offer sustainability solutions, Eco-friendly products and services; offer optimized business solutions for all businesses and global business, and optimized trade; and offer users good choices for sustainability. "This is is an unity perfection machine geared toward perfecting all things," said Brian Prater, HuHub Systems Engineer.

HuHub will utilize a sticky site to involve users in an evolving decision-making network, which is comprised of ideas gathered throughout the internet, user input, statistics and data. A.I. software & concept-mapping offers users amazing interactive experiences as they make more efficient choices based upon large amounts of variables for the best outcome.

On your Huhub homepage, which is customizable for your expansive preferences, you login at your local Hub, which is within your Nethood; and the Nethood is clustered for that location and attached to other Nethoods, which deliver the proper information to the user directed from the main Hub (or the Central Hub cores). The Nethood also is branched into other Nethoods, such as: Business Nethood, Family/Geneaology Nethood, and other people-related Nethoods, which is part of the expansive preferences of user action panels, perhaps evolving into millions of categories of user definitions. This is like a Nethood Dashboard for the user's location so that they can participate in any updates, which are displayed as real-time statistically-driven analytical output of your local information and methods of correct decisions supplied by Huhub. Huhub could, upon user request, the user fill out a small form and the Hub can custom page for their area, their preferences to ease the burden and maximize user integration. The statistics are designed for that location. The user can have direct information on what products are going to be at that location as well as: news tickers display latest updates for that area, interactive user polls, data for most efficient statistical data, etc.

Huhub is like your daily oracle software. Real-time statistical data for best methods of procedures for maximized results towards sustainability in all areas. Together we can accomplish this by utilizing the best amount of efficiency to help the world in all areas of integration, such as feeding the poor, and supplying them with optimal methods to end poverty situations. Millions of applications could be listed for integration towards helping humanity; and by user's input, billions to build a proficient knowledge engine.

Huhub has optimal cognitive restructuring in mind; and the user will evolve through the experience.  It will be the most intelligent stickiest site ever for supplying the correct decisions for your Hub.  Website features to "Expand My Search" like a jump button takes the users from their Hub to the Nethood, showing them what products and things to do in their specific location, which will best benefit the consumers, also what companies need to be built for that area for the proper amount of maximal efficiency based upon real world events.

HuHub's quantitative computing query software delivery system may provide someone who asks "What needs to be done so that I am not depressed?", their wisest choices and solutions, one of which may be: "a park should be built on such-and-such block wherein this region has shown high levels of depression."  In other words, all of the maximized correct answers are supplied and stimulated by HuHub and users input to help maximize the system.

“HuHub is a social technical system, where the users can tell us how they think; and the end product is generated by the last user's input, updating and creating an evolving system,” Prater said, explaining the neuro-network. “HuHub may be the biggest leap towards goodness ever implemented on Earth through people and computers, problem-solving in all areas with an active knowledge portal in real life-impacting situations delivering the best possible outcome and procedures. It is truly a life-saving technological decision implementation network for solving world problems through users supplying updated answers.”

HuHub's slogan is "Cover all angles to comb through all possibilities for all humanity." It is to be an Intelligent Delivery Software. It has the potential to be more efficient, which will deliver users a new way to think for optimal thinking. "This is the reason for inventing computer science and computers." ~ Brian Prater, May 3, 2012

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein


Sponsorship & Merit Programs


Financial & Employment Opportunities –
You can become a sponsor now, be a part of our optimal future and the next human-technological destination. Efficiency is in our timing, and this message needs to spread fast. HuHub's mission is to give back to the people; and the heart of HuHub is always dedicated to helping the people.

One of the cornerstones of this project has always been job creation. High priority will be placed on local employment, as well as paid online participation through HuHub's Merit program integrated with HuHub sponsorship and Mentor & Apprentice systems. Local and online job creation programs will be integrated with HuHub Approval.

Money from sponsorship will be used to launch HuHub. Sponsorship will be coordinated with HuHub's Mentor & Apprentice system so that sponsors and users can earn HuHub Merits. Eventually, users, programmers & ad sponsors can get paid daily based upon their HuHub Merits accrued by participation.

User input will be compared with HuHub's software analysis, configured to present, recognize and deliver the most viable wisest choice-- and deliver HuHub Merits to users based upon statistically-driven answers that Huhub finds outstanding. Users will be able to input their suggestions for city improvements and local needs for government spending in their areas. Users may also participate in worldwide business and politics easily through this system of polls and statistics made available from a user dashboard and preference settings. This sticky site intends to be the place "Where One Click Can Save the World".

Immediate job openings are available in HuHub for research teams, programming teams and marketing teams. Comparisons of “Before & After HuHub” will be one of the center focuses of HuHub's dynamic website to help everyone envision the future, and watch ourselves in action make improvements in our world.

This is the only project of its' kind developed so that the sponsors and users can financially profit from their online participation. User-integration standards are set high with long-term scalability in mind as technology evolves allowing more functionality and fast, high-quality graphics.

Already, HuHub is bigger than other social networks because of the potential to create jobs and critical changes for positive results throughout the world, and HuHub has the potential to progressively spread faster than any other social application ever before by offering real financial income, competitive ad sponsorship and a vital website that supports user participation.

HuHub is far more advanced than what other organizations and related project concepts have considered so far. We feel that other competitors do not offer any similar product, concept, website or scalable model that is integrally designed to help humanity at such fundamental levels, educate the users and allow computers and humans both adapt together through a natural evolution process. Concepts and user features contained within HuHub are built with people in mind. For such a social-technological system to work, it must have certain balances embedded, which HuHub has incorporated with an expansive user-integration, HuHub Nethood, and training programs that allow users to learn and grow in positive ways that can excel humanity and intelligence.

Only HuHub has such a strong user-integration system to attract interest and user involvement from both users and sponsors, while also yielding substantial earnings. HuHub profits will be distributed to programmers within HuHub's Merit system, as well as, TV & billboard marketing & advertising; and HuHub intends that ten percent will go to help the poor based upon statistics for optimal results. "This is truly a potential engine for good." ~ Brian Prater, May 4, 2012

Higher Law

Introducing a World Challenge based on Higher Law –
HuHub is a ground-breaking concept that takes everyone into account, making it equitable, volunteer-based and able to accommodate changes for in the future. In this era, we may already see similar types of technologies on the rise, yet all are looking for ways to integrate in a manner that are sustainable, just and fair for all people.

We realize for a sustainable system, we must reach beyond ourselves into our unlimited potential, in order to accomplish many human feats, such as: on a small scale, this worldwide project expanded successfully can end poverty, homelessness and hunger. Even more so, with cognitive restructuring, people's understanding of science and themselves, HuHub will bring efficiency into all of our lives; and our understanding will lead us into our long-distance future of Humanity, which is endowed to us through Higher Law: Natural Law or Universal Law, also defined as “a principle that takes precedent over the laws of society.”

"HuHub is super computing power networked cosmically through goodness." ~ Brian Prater, May 3, 2012

HuHub has set the standard by applying Universal Law and stringent requirements in our software predictions to save human lives; and users will understand and utilize these methods they learn from related HuHub educational training. “Therefore, we see this is the way human social-technological evolution is progressively developing. Now is the time to do this for efficiency. We are losing out every day we procrastinate on helping our lives and securities,” Prater said repeating the urgency of this advanced tool, which, “if a computer program system could win Nobel Prizes, HuHub may predict itself forever.”

"We HuHub!" ~"The Love Hub"

SIGN HuHub Petition to Pres. Obama:



Cavetronics R&D Concept Labs

● Brian David Prater for Systems Engineering, Global Predictions, Alternative Energy Generation, Resource Management, Scientist, IT Specialist & Systems Expert

● Melissa René Cody for Neuroquantology, Cognitive Restructuring, Marketing & Advertising, Web Development, Commercial Art & Advertising

“We have a deep understanding of this project and the methods and implementation for a stable system, such as the backbone core engine of a super-computing A.I. and human user integrated social technical system, designed to help improve and save human lives, regenerate our resources, and improve our world.”

HuHub and HuHub confabulations © copyright since 2001.
Copyrights © 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.
Research links available:


SIGN HuHub Petition to Pres. Obama:

Contact & Donate

Become a Sponsor of HuHub!

Donate to Cavetronics R&D Energy Labs
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CONTACT Cavetronics R&D Energy Labs:

HuHub Team Participation:

Currently, HuHub needs Project Developers, Project Managers, Department Heads, Leaders and Volunteers who will spread out and get connected within other organizations to be networked in, such as: Emergency Management and Resource Management teams.  These teams will be responsible for deciding the level of integration needed and provide statistics to be used in a real-time decision software, which will deliver the best choices for an unlimited number of events, crisis situations, sustainability, and emergency resource distribution; and for the user, optimized decisions for daily living, including health, financial planning, mood enhancement, and consumer buying for the most optimal sustainable solutions.  Information that is needed includes statistics for resources, environmental concerns, and information that the public needs to have easy access to in a centralized hub for communications, such as in this case, web-based applications and media, that is standardized for ease of use.

HuHub can save lives on an unprecedented scale as such unknown by any other techniques, services, programs and organizations worldwide.  HuHub is the ultimate decision software and optimized management concept works because it is based upon user integration to provide the extensive Knowledge Pool, which in turn, provides unlimited resource potential as it activates the participation of thousands, millions and potentially even billions of people worldwide, working together for a better world, improving and saving lives.

Many hands make light work, and in this stage, HuHub is also in immediate need of Programmers and Marketing teams.  Much of the complex prediction computations and statistical software are already available; and we believe this software could be compiled in a modular fashion in about six months depending on funding and integration.  HuHub has generated interests from scientists, engineers and programmers worldwide who are willing to contribute and collaborate in this humanitarian project.

We have a modest team working for HuHub, and we have thousands of positions needed to be filled.  Strategies for getting others involved should include Sponsorship and integration with all related organizations to be effective.  HuHub needs as many participants as possible.  A petition has been created at the White site to generate financial support:

Please pass HuHub links, HuHub petition and the concept of HuHub to others, because it needs to be implemented right away.


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HuHub Poll Results
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Brian Prater of HuHubJOIN: Brian D. Prater
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HuHub Poll Results
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Cavetronics R&D Energy Labs offers consulting & engineering services in energy systems engineering and ecotechnologies, which are scalable well into the future, and can reduce the effects of global climate changes for many generations to come.

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